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I have enthusiastically purchased six of John-Norman tuck’s paintings.  I was fortunate enough to recognize the quality of his work years ago.  His vivid use of color and the way he uses his brush pulls me into the paintings.  John-Norman’s pieces have added so much to my life and to those who visit my home.  The love he feels for his art comes through his work.
- Judie Littell



John-Norman Tuck is an accomplished self-taught painter whose motivation derives from a deeply ingrained love of art.  His works have a strong visual voice.  I don’t know which aspect I value more: the honesty, the freshness, or the joyful coloration that speak to his passion for life.  They make me feel warm and joyful.  After those feelings, I find they always leave me wanting to experience more of his work…  That is a GOOD thing.
- Tom Haukaas, Artist


John-Norman Tuck is a master colorist who paints and shares his interpretations with an unabashed joy of life and exuberant appreciation for the beauty of nature and floral expression.  I enjoy his painting as a professional and treasure them as a collector.
- Ann Hall, Designer


Dear John-Norman,

I love your artistry – whether I am admiring your wonderful painting or you are simply styling my hair!!

I especially like your use of color and the movement and power of your impressionistic style.  I own a series of three of your flower painting, which I have proudly displayed in the foyer of my home.  Their beauty adds a great deal of warmth and color to my home and I appreciate your talents greatly.

Best wishes,
Lynn Carter



If I were to return to Paris and given the ultimatum to choose only one museum to visit, it would most certainly be the D’Orsey.  The Impressionists have always had a hold on my senses and I’ll take a Monet over the Mona Lisa in a heartbeat.

John-Norman speaks to those senses.  Interpretations of beautiful flowers and landscapes so gloriously rendered as to five one a new appreciations of color.  Subtle where appropriate, and otherwise busting with life. 

John-Norman’s joy in the use of color can also be seen in works such as “Girls Night Out” my first purchase.  I’ve often told him that it’s the color that grabs me first and the brush strokes.

An added advantage to his work and generosity of color is the fact that no matter the décor, a John-Norman Tuck will never overwhelm, but it will enhance and intensity its surroundings every time.
- Gale Wyman


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