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John-Norman Tuck and His Roses

You might know John-Norman Tuck as Sarasota’s hair color expert and as a hairstylist.  Maybe you know John-Norman Tuck through his art work.  What you might not know about John-Norman is his love of roses.

John-Norman’s love of roses stems back to his childhood in London, England. He remembers taking walks with his father and noticing all of the beautiful flowers along their route. These pleasant memories have stayed with him his whole life.  His love of the color and the shape of flowers expanded into other areas of his life where color, shape, form and texture dominate. Besides tending roses, John-Norman is a hairstylist in St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota and an artist.
Whether it is coloring and styling hair, painting pictures, or tending his roses, he attacks everything he does with a passion and love for beauty.
John-Norman takes great pride in tending his breathtaking rose garden at his home and has been a member of the Bradenton-Sarasota Rose Society.  He has tended up to 82 bushes in a single garden throughout the years. John-Norman’s favorite variety of rose is the Tea Rose, because of its beauty and powerful look.
Another favorite is the Double Delight, which is red and white with some yellow in it.  John-Norman sees beauty and love in his roses and enjoys painting them. As you can plainly see, he loves everything artistic and creative.
John-Norman Tuck's Rose Gardens Knowing that the splendor and delightful aroma of the roses brings happiness to others as they stroll past the gardens is all the reward that John-Norman needs for the hours of work that it takes to keep the gardens going.  Like his art, and his hair color and styles, he is happy when bringing happiness to others.

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